About Us

Louis Botha THS has served the broader community of Bloemfontein, the Free State and South Africa for the past 113 years. Measured by the norms that apply for most other educational institutions, this makes HTS one of the oldest schools in South Africa.

The school takes the lead when it comes to change and renewal in education and sets the pace in several fields.  As a technical school, Louis Botha is on par with the latest technological developments and prepares its learners for the challenges of the future. The school is well-known in South Africa for its high disciplinary and academic standards, its sport achievements and the leaders generated in numerous disciplines.

Today we look back with pride to a magnificent past, motivating us to achieve greater heights in the future.

The school has been declared a Sports Focussed-, Technical Focussed- and Cricket Focussed School in 2014.